Monday, February 4, 2013

#12 - Pysteroids: Asteroids in Python

Here's a game I developed in a very short time frame (3-5 days).  It's called Pysteroids: Asteroids in Python, and it's built with the Pygame libraries for Python - one of the simplest game design frameworks I'd ever worked with.  It has a very easy to use event-system which can allow for ease-of-use with timed events and sequencing of behavior, as well as a very simple graphics module.


Download the installer from here, and run the simple installer.
Alternatively, here.
And the source is a single python script file, though it uses a few media resources (songs, sounds).


Pysteroids is basically your Asteroids clone with a few of my own innovations and tweaks.  Take control of the ship and shoot down asteroids until they are dust.  Be careful not to get hit too many times, or it's game over.

Here we present my concept of a "Zero Disconnect" interface.  From the moment you first run the game program, you are in control of the ship, and you must fly it into menu options to make your choices on how to play, or perhaps to view the Help & About or customize the ship colors through the Ship Painter.


Use the keyboard to pilot the greenish ship in the center of the screen.  Fly using the Up arrow (or alternatively, the W key) to give thrust to the ship.  Rotate and turn the ship using the Left and Right arrow keys (or alternatively, the A or D keys.)  Shoot with the space bar, or a mouse click in the window.  Use both space bar AND the mouse for faster shooting!)

Steer clear of asteroid enemies, but be sure to pick up the items that can sometimes spawn, as they can boost and upgrade your ship's guns, give out free points or power-up a temporary shield.  Every 10,000 points grants an extra life!

Enjoy all kinds of particle effects and a variety of gun types.  Everything you see is generated on the fly, random and loads zero images beforehand.  When the game is over, fly into "Back" to return to the main menu or press Q on the keyboard.  This physics-intense game includes elastic collision rebounding and lots of trigonometric degree calculations.

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